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Fortune 2020 Rank: 21

Rank by ROL™ Fundamental
Connection to Purpose
Strategic Clarity
Leadership Alignment
Focused Action

Why this ranking?

  • Microsoft received strong rankings in three of the four fundamentals.
  • The company is the #1 ranked company for the Strategic Clarity fundamental.
  • Its strong ranking in Strategic Clarity is due to a clear visible strategy published for external stakeholders, high levels of employee optimism regarding the company’s outlook, and very high ratings from investment analysts.
  • The company also has a very strong showing in the fundamentals of Focused Action and Connection to Purpose, ranking #17 in both.
  • The strong ranking in Focused Action is the result of several factors, including EBIT margins well above of other software companies and strong employee sentiment regarding the company’s execution.
  • For Connection to Purpose, the contributors to its strong showing are a visible, meaningful purpose (“To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more” contained within their mission statement), well integrated into strategy, and employees feeling a strong sense of purpose in their work.

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