Cisco Systems

Overall Rank
ROL100™ Rank

Fortune 2020 Rank: 63

Rank by ROL™ Fundamental
Connection to Purpose
Strategic Clarity
Leadership Alignment
Focused Action

Why this ranking?

  • Cisco is the #1 ranked company for Focused Action.
  • The company earned relatively high scores across the four ROL™ fundamentals, except for Connection to Purpose.
  • Cisco’s excellent ranking for Focused Action is the result of above-average performance on all the Focused Action metrics, including outperforming analyst estimates, high profitability versus communications equipment industry peers, and very strong employee sentiment regarding the company’s execution and the achievement of goals.
  • Regarding Connection to Purpose, Cisco went through a process of redefining its core purpose in 2020. The new core purpose “Powering an Inclusive Future for All,” replaces what has been the core purpose for 20 years: “Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play and Learn.” The new purpose is clear and meaningful, but the company has yet to convey it clearly and visibly to key stakeholders or integrate it into company strategy.

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