Vijay Perincherry

Chief Data Scientist

Vijay is an Applied Mathematician who specializes in behavioral and cognitive analyses, and their applications to the design of learning systems.

Over the last 15 years, he has applied data analytics to a wide array of fields ranging from investment analysis to educational effectiveness. More recently he worked on a National Academy of Science project to develop effective strategies for implementing behavioral countermeasures for transportation safety, and on a Gates Foundation initiative to improve college enrollment from under performing high schools in rural and inner city areas.

Vijay holds two patents – one for a method of developing adaptive algorithm to improve processing efficiency, and the other for a method of profiling consumer attitudes from behaviors. He has an Engineering Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India and a Ph.D. in Applied Sciences from the University of Delaware.

As the Chief Data Scientist at Indiggo, Vijay is leading the development of the adaptive engagement framework that forms the foundation of Indiggo’s Leadership Development Application Platform.