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Seth Verry

Chief Engagement Officer

Seth leads Indiggo’s Go Team, engaging leaders and their organizations to put focused leadership into practice.

Seth joined lndiggo after working for CEB (now Gartner) where he helped launch and ultimately led CEB’s program for chief strategy officers and their teams, the Corporate Strategy Board, which provides best practices and advisory services in the areas of strategy, planning, execution, and M&A. He led the research and writing of several of the Corporate Strategy Board’s seminal studies, including Stall Points, a study on the drivers of corporate failure at large corporations. He was the co-author of a Harvard Business Review article based on that work, which was published as the March 2008 HBR cover story. He also led studies on fast-cycle strategic decision making, challenging organizational group think, planning under uncertainty, and other important strategy and organizational topics.

Seth brings with him extensive experience working with senior executives in a variety of capacities, spanning high-touch and scalable delivery models. This includes leading in-depth strategic planning and scenario planning engagements for executives in a broad range of industries, individual leadership development, and working on developing and deploying large-scale assessment tools.

Seth is passionate about elegant solutions to complex problems, focused leadership (and the power of getting the right $#!+ done…Well!®), the whole field of personal energy management, running and biking (to work!), and, last, but actually first, his family and kids.

Seth graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce.