Our Philosophy

Great leaders truly change the world.

Purpose is meaningless without strategy and strategy is meaningless without purpose.

Real leadership is not what you say, it’s what you do, and why you do it. This is why for decades we have focused on creating concrete actionable solutions that integrate purpose with leadership execution.

We believe in the power of simplicity and focus relentlessly on creating actionable solutions to complex challenges.

Through decades of work with thousands of leaders, we know that simple, authentic approaches create stronger and more sustainable results.

Theory is educational, but ultimately it is meaningful action that counts. This is why all of our solutions deliver meaningful value from day 1 and integrate seamlessly into your workdays.

Sustainable change only happens by driving both the individual and the collective simultaneously. The power of Indiggo’s unique solution is that since all leaders and managers engage in ROL™ together, you can achieve, measure, and sustain Return on Leadership® at scale.

Become an Indiggo leader and give yourself the freedom to lead to unprecedented success.

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Our Story

Integrating strategy execution and purpose for managers at every level of the enterprise.

The Return On Leadership® solution was forged through 20 years of global strategy and leadership consulting. Indiggo’s focus is on creating authentic, actionable solutions to widespread challenges faced by leaders and organizations.

After successfully deploying our proprietary solutions across many industries, we saw a real opportunity to broaden our impact, using AI to implement our expertise in an easy to deploy application.

Our passionate team is fueled by a unique mix of leadership and strategy experts, data scientists, and technologists. Relentless focus on creating the best solutions, outcomes, and experiences are part of the DNA of every ROL™ creator on our team.

The most rewarding part of our work has always been the true partnerships we build with the leaders and organizations that we serve. As we continue to deliver on our mission to Mobilize Leaders to Get The Right $#!^ Done… Well!, we look forward to partnering with you to bring your organization to new levels of success. Together we will build a groundswell of forward-thinking leaders driving ROL™.

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Our Foundations

Our Purpose

Unleashing Purposeful Leadership

Our Mission

Equip Leaders to Get the Right $#!^ Done...Well!®

Our Vision

Return on Leadership®

Our Core Values

Thrive Together

Create Through Partnership

Let go of ego
Never stop caring
Nurture authentic relationships

Reach New Heights

Transcend Limitation


Enjoy the Adventure

Nurture Wellbeing

Work with passion
Have fun

Trust Ourselves & One Another

Be Fearlessly Sincere

Do the right thing
Act from the heart

Accomplish Great Things

Delight Through Quality

Love simplicity
Deliver through thoughtful action
Own your commitments