Indiggo Announces the 2021 ROL100™ Ranking in Partnership with Fortune

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BETHESDA, Md.June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Indiggo announced the inaugural ROL100™ ranking in partnership with Fortune. The ROL100™ ranking is the first of its kind, based on ROL™, a groundbreaking metric focused on leadership execution. ROL™ is a key indicator of how well a company is positioned for future success, and a measure of its progress toward achieving Stakeholder Capitalism.

The top-ranking companies were Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft, each scoring highly on all of the four fundamentals of ROL™.

Other high scoring companies were Pfizer and Intel, which tied for the #1 ranking in Connection to Purpose, and Cisco, which ranked first in Focused Action.

Key insights revealed by the ranking include:

  • There is a statistically significant relationship between high ROL™ and superior financial performance.
  • Analysis also shows that ROL scores and employee ratings are highly correlated.
  • The Tech, Health Care, and Communications industry sectors are ahead of the pack.
  • A clear divide has emerged between companies that lead with purpose, and those that do not.

A company that scores well on the ROL™ dimensions is set up to perform better in the long term, as it demonstrates a leadership focus on fundamental factors that have been shown empirically to correlate well with performance.

To see the full ROL100™ ranking, click here:

“To be well positioned for success, today’s organizations must completely rethink the way they invest their most expensive and influential resource – their leaders and managers – and deploy them as strategically as they do their financial capital. Indiggo’s ROL100™ ranking highlights critical new metrics for leadership execution that are important leading indicators of future success and are fundamental in driving an organization’s Return On Leadership®,” said Janeen Gelbart, CEO & co-founder of Indiggo.

The ROL™ metric is based on four fundamentals:

  • Connection to Purpose
  • Strategic Clarity
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Focused Action

To calculate the ROL100™ ranking, each of the four fundamentals was evaluated by a team of experts, leveraging AI, and based on information publicly available to all stakeholders.

About Indiggo

Indiggo’s purpose is to unleash purposeful leadership. The company provides an AI-driven SaaS platform that was forged through 20 years of global strategy and leadership expertise. The Indiggo platform provides a measurable way to deliver purpose-driven, focused execution for enterprise strategy. The first solution to integrate purpose into execution, Indiggo mobilizes leaders and managers of all levels to continually clarify, align and act on the 20% of areas that drive 80% of the value.

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