Harnessing Data and AI

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“What was once unknowable can now be quickly discovered with a few queries. Decision makers no longer have to rely on gut instinct; today they have more extensive and precise evidence at their fingertips. New sources of data, fed into systems powered by machine learning and AI, are at the heart of this transformation. These types of data can transform decision making. Data and AI are not only finding answers faster but creating transparency around issues that have always been murky.” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

One of the most critical predictors of organizational success, leadership action related to strategy execution, has been one of the murkiest and hardest to change challenges for the enterprise. This murkiness, that has historically led leaders to flying blind, is exactly where Indiggo’s Return On Leadership® brings immediate clarity and intelligence.

Indiggo’s Return On Leadership® delivers on all 5 of the key takeaways in this McKinsey piece for one of the most critical functions of every single organization – its leaders and managers:

  1. New forms of data are giving organizations unprecedented speed and transparency.
  2. Specialist firms are refining and connecting data
  3. Most non-tech companies are lagging, but new tools can get them in the race
  4. It takes domain experts to extract the real value from data
  5. Companies need to build in privacy safeguards and AI ethics from the start.

Indiggo is a unique and powerful SaaS solution that provides critical missing data and significantly improves the speed and transparency of leadership execution. Leadership execution is the single biggest factor to get any company to lead the race. Built by a team of leadership and strategy experts and leading data scientists, Indiggo was at the forefront of building core values into their AI.

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