Return On Leadership®

The 4 Fundamentals

The capacity to execute effectively will dictate survival and success.

Our proprietary solution quickly and easily drives and measures the following leadership behaviors essential to successful execution.

Connection to Purpose - Create Meaning

Understanding and experiencing the connection between daily work, business strategy, and Core Purpose is key to employees’ job satisfaction. Connection to purpose is one of the biggest drivers of motivation and accountability.

Indiggo is the first and only solution that integrates Core Purpose into daily work, strategy, and the fabric of your organization. It measures and scores connection to purpose and tracks progress over time.

Platform screenshot highlighting organization core purpose statement
Platform screenshot highlighting business unit ROL Drivers

Strategic Clarity - Create Focus

Even the best laid plans can fail due lack of clear focus. Knowing you are focusing on the most relevant and valuable things decreases stress levels. Having Strategic Clarity enables you to make better choices that are aligned with those priorities.

Indiggo makes strategic priorities known throughout the organization: to you, to other leaders in all business units, and the entire organization.
With Indiggo, there are no more town halls and endless streams of meetings that fail to be agile at scale. When you need to react quickly to changing market dynamics, with just a few clicks you trigger instant redirection of leadership capacity and focus

Leadership Alignment - Create Trust

Imagine every one of your leaders and managers globally and at every level, aligned and rowing in the same direction. Alignment builds trust and confidence and ensures individual and collective effort is being invested in the most important things.

Indiggo makes this possible by providing visibility into what managers’, peers’ and direct reports’ priorities are, driving ongoing automated alignment for the organization, business units, and individuals and providing individualized reminders to address drivers that are not aligned with organizational ones

Platform screenshot highlighting leader's advisee along with their alignment status
Platform screenshot highlighting leader's top 3 ROL Drivers

Focused Action - Create Results

Imagine a winning team of high performing athletes operating with 3 clear individual priorities front and center every day. 20% of the things we do yield 80% of the value we create. If you don’t protect and control your capacity for what matters most, your precious capacity will be wasted on what matters least.

Indiggo seamlessly integrates into daily workflows with AI-driven individualized nudge technology to help every single manager focus on the 20% of actions that will create 80% of the value for them and the organization