Connection to Purpose: From Theory to Technology Solution

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Leadership can be a very gray area, and what makes for effective leadership is murky. The lack of meaningful metrics with which to measure it means that most attempts at improving and quantifying leadership remain theoretical exercises.

Indiggo takes a different approach and provides a concrete technology solution that introduces a new missing metric – Return On Leadership®–  in a SaaS platform that integrates effective leadership , connection to purpose, and focused action into daily work.

Indiggo’s CEO Janeen Gelbart discusses this innovative approach and provides examples in this video interview with Susie Gharib, on Fortune.

“Leadership is a topic  that we are extremely passionate about at Indiggo, and the AI-driven technology that we’ve built really approaches leadership in a very different way, because leadership is a very gray area. It is very amorphous – one doesn’t know how to think about it. Things like Core Purpose that are very important to leaders today is also very theoretical.

What our technology does is it takes all the murkiness and it brings a concrete technology solution that not only integrates effective leadership action and purpose into daily work, it actually brings missing metrics to the table.”

Listen to this thoughtful six minute interview at Fortune On Demand.

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