Return On Leadership®

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Indiggo is an AI-driven SaaS solution that provides a concrete measurable way to deliver purpose-driven focused execution for enterprise strategy

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Return On Leadership®

Illustration showing 20% of actions create 80% of value

Indiggo delivers the digital transformation of leadership execution, so that all other transformation can succeed. It was created based on decades of working closely with leaders across a multitude of industries. Indiggo transforms individual and collective execution while increasing connection to purpose.

Up and running before the pizza is delivered…Indiggo helps leaders and managers at every level to clarify, align, and focus on the 20% of things that are going to create 80% of the value.

We measure and optimize everything, yet we are not helping our biggest influencer of success or failure, our managers at every level, to succeed in a radically new world

Strategy execution breaks down at the individual level

Remote work has exponentially increased the need for agile aligned, transparent action at scale

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From leadership waste

While financial capital is budgeted and measured, leadership capacity gets treated as if it were limitless

Return On Leadership®

Invest your most expensive and important resource as strategically as you would your financial capital

The 4 Fundamentals of Return On Leadership®

The capacity to execute effectively will dictate survival and success.
Our proprietary solution quickly and easily drives and measures the following leadership behaviors essential to successful execution.

Connection to Purpose

Understanding and experiencing the connection between daily work, business strategy, and the bigger organizational picture

For the first time a solution that measures and integrates Core Purpose into daily work, strategy, and the fabric of your organization.

Platform screenshot highlighting organization core purpose statement
Platform screenshot highlighting business unit ROL Drivers

Strategic Clarity

Operating with clarity on ROL™ Drivers - yours, other leaders, business units, and the organization

Operate with real-time strategic clarity in every geography and at every level. No more town halls and endless streams of meetings that result in the inability to be agile at scale.

With just a few clicks, trigger instant redirection of leadership capacity and focus.

Leadership Alignment

Operating with ongoing alignment between reports, supervisors, peers, business units, and the organization

Imagine every one of your leaders and managers globally and at every level, aligned and rowing in the same direction.

Indiggo makes this possible by activating and measuring ongoing automated alignment for the organization, business units, and individuals on their key focus areas (their current 20%)

Platform screenshot highlighting leader's advisee along with their alignment status
Platform screenshot highlighting leader's top 3 ROL Drivers

Focused Action

Proactively aligning, committing, and investing time in individual and organizational drivers

Imagine a winning team of high performing athletes operating with clarity and alignment with a real-time shared playbook for success in this new world.

Indiggo integrates into daily work with AI-driven individualized nudge technology to help every single manager focus on the 20% of actions that will create 80% of the value for them and the organization.

Good enough is no longer an option

Unlock • Drive • Measure • At Scale

Proprietary algorithms learn from dozens of data points related to the 4 fundamentals to guide you to success.

Indiggo unlocks, measures and improves the individual and Collective ROL™ score for your organization.

Collective ROL measurement chart

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