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Activating and Measuring the Momentum of Change

How quickly do your leadership imperatives become a reality?

Platform screen showcasing the Connection to Purpose area for a business unit, in this case Marketing.
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ROL100™ 2023 Leadership Ranking just released in partnership with Fortune

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What is the difference between the metrics on the ROL100™ Leadership Ranking and the ROL® metrics on the Indiggo AI technology platform?

The AI technology measures ROL® every day from the inside out.

The ROL® metrics that Indiggo’s AI solution generates are based on the same four fundamentals that are used to generate the ROL100™ Ranking. The AI platform-based scores are “inside-out”, calculated through a set of proprietary algorithms that drive and assess individual and collective action for leaders and managers in real-time throughout the year. The ROL100™ is an annual “outside-in” snapshot, leveraging the same 4 ROL® Fundamentals, and based exclusively on publicly available information.

Rapid change is demanding effective action on new leadership outcomes

Strategic Transformation

Hybrid Workforce

Strategy Execution


But…success is not only based on what goals leaders are setting, but how well leaders are set up for success.

Indiggo helps leaders change the way they work to drive critical imperatives.

How will Indiggo help you?

AI-driven solution built specifically for  leaders and managers at every level
Integrates purpose driven imperatives with vital leadership choices needed to get them done on time, at scale
Delivers ReturnOnLeadership®, a new metric that measures leadership execution and core purpose

What is the ROI for ROL®? One word…. MASSIVE

Connect to Purpose

  • Make purpose concrete and part of the fabric of your organization
  • Integrate core purpose into strategy in the flow of work
  • Leverage real-time metrics to increase connection to purpose
Screenshot showing organization purpose & metrics as well as leader's Vitals features
Screens showing Marketing business unit drivers and other organizational strategic insights

Stay Clear on What Matters Most

  • Make strategic choices on what rises to the top within a shared framework
  • Prioritize the most important and relevant work
  • Redirect leadership resources at scale in seconds

Align & Build Trust

  • Stay aligned with your manager and other leaders
  • Prioritize individual action with business unit imperatives
  • Confidently and quickly pivot at scale
Screenshots of Collective ROL™ and Leadership Alignment features.
Screenshots of leader's top ROL 20/80 Drivers and advise on how to improve ROL across the 4 Fundamentals features.

Take Back Control

  • Drive the 20% of things we do that yield 80% of the value we create
  • Get intelligent personalized AI nudges that build leadership “muscle memory”
  • Leverage your calendar as a strategic tool into the flow of work

It’s easy to get smart people together to create your sense of purpose; it’s a lot harder to execute on it.

Read how a division of BDO achieved a 51% increase in profitability with Indiggo.

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