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AI-driven solution built specifically for  leaders and managers at every level
Delivers Return On Leadership®, a new metric that measures leadership execution and core purpose
Aligns and focuses enterprise leaders on critical priorities every day

From Leadership Waste...to Return On Leadership®

  • Leadership capacity is your most expensive and important resource – invest it as strategically as you would your financial capital
  • Drive the digital transformation of leadership execution, so that all other transformation can succeed
  • Integrate purpose, strategy and leadership action
  • Up and running in hours, Indiggo helps leaders and managers at every level to clarify, align, and focus on the 20% of things that create 80% of the value
Illustration showing 20% of actions create 80% of value

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

- Peter Drucker

It’s easy to get smart people together to create your sense of purpose; it’s a lot harder to execute on it.

- Matthew Becker, CPA, National Managing Partner of Tax, BDO USA

Read how a division of BDO achieved a 51% increase in profitability with Indiggo.

What is the ROI for ROL™? One word…. MASSIVE

High ROL™ = Superior Financial Performance*
Revenue Growth
EBITDA per Employee
Total Shareholder Return
High ROL™ = Positive Employee Ratings*
Improve Employee Wellbeing
Connect Employees to Purpose
Lower Employee Turnover

*As observed in the analysis of the top ranked companies in the ROL100™

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